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Kim Kardashian, the Armenian beauty and daughter of Robert Kardashian (OJ's attorney) is the web's latest celebrity sensation after releasing a sex tape featuring her and Ray J, the brother of music star Brandy. The tape featurs the two love birds in what looks to be a hotel room getting their groove on with the video camera rolling. The tape gets extremely hot and steamy, with every imaginable position. The tape is entitled Kim K Superstar, and Vivid has recently released the completely unedited version dubbed KimK Superstar Uncut. Click here to see the entire tape! Lucky for us, the tape is almost 60 minutes long and is very high quality. You won't miss anything with KimKardashian on this one!

Kim has become the latest sensation, and is well known for her very curvy body. She is friends with the other web-phenomenon, Paris Hilton. Maybe the two figured out the quickest way to stardom was releasing a hot sex tape? Kim has also posed for Playboy's cover in December 2007. In mid-October, E! began airing 'Living With the Kardashian's' and Kim is the main star. Download the uncut tape inside!

Luckily the tape was done with a high quality camera; you are sure to see every detail of Kim's lucious body on screen. To get inside Vivid for the entire tape, click here.

Kimkardashian and ray j

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